Saturday 7th October

11:00Kids Workshops in the Community centreFree

11:00Preserving local food using traditonal methods (Solar Dehydration and Smoking talk at Laceys Farm) — * NTH €5

11:00Food Trail Starts (Gather outside the Galley) – Registration on Friday at Centre (Supplement €15)* NTH €25

12:00Market opens

12:00Shore walk with The Sea Gardner (Marie Power) and Erin Gibbons
Archaeologist (Meet at Duach)
(Bring your wellies, viewing the Inishlyon Project) — * NTH €10

14:00Interactive Demo with Jonathan Keane and Hal Dawson (Dressing a Crab and other Seafood Cookery Skills in community centre) — * NTH €10

15:30Interactive Demo by Neil Shirt and Jack McCarthy (Black Pudding making and cook along in community centre) — * NTH €10

17:15Anna Jeffrey- Gibson, Doonmore Hotel Function Room (sustainability by producing own Food on a Small Holding) — * NTH €5

* NTH = Non Ticket Holders.

* Click on INISHBOFIN.COM to find more info about accommodation.


Weekend Ticket: €35

Daily Ticket: €20

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